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Author Topic: Munafik Movie (2016)  (Read 980 times)

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Munafik Movie (2016)
« on: September 14, 2016, 01:16:02 AM »

Munafik (Malay: Hypocrite) is a 2016 Malaysian horror movie which was directed by Syamsul Yusof. This film tells about Adam, a Muslim medical practitioner who is unable to carry on his job and accept the reality of his wife's death. After he meets Maria, unsettling things start to happen. This movie was released on February 25, 2016.

Adam, a traditional religious medical practitioner, and his wife got into an accident which caused his wife's death. Adam struggles to cope with the loss of his wife which has shaken his strong faith in religion and also stopped helping cure others as he feels 'incompetent' in his job.

He eventually meets Maria, who suffered from depression. She later gets possessed by an evil spirit, in which Adam has no choice but have to help cure her. He however stumbles upon more revelations linking Maria to the accident that killed his wife.

Adam then tries to cure Maria in her house with the help of his friend. Maria's spirit was too strong that his friend had to stop reciting his prayers to cure Maria. Maria's spirit laughs and pushes him against the wall. Adam, shocked by what was going on, continues reciting his prayers and then exorcises the spirit out of Maria's body.

Adam still could not accept the fact that his wife was dead and furiously wants to know who is the killer. Later, Adam's imam, Ali was found dead. His friend gets the news first and contacts Adam, who ended up ultimately shocked. His son also calls him to tell that his grandfather has gone out of the house. He also mentioned that his mother took care of him after his father went out. Adam, furious that the topic of his wife had somehow been brought up again since her death, yells at his son on the phone and slams it. In his sleep, Adam later dreams of himself digging out his wife's grave to prove his son that his mother was dead.

Adam insisted to Azman that all the happenings in the village are connected to Maria's demonic disturbances, with Imam Ali's death and Pak Osman's disappearance being the latest of events. He went home confronted by Fazli who shows hatred towards Adam. Thereafter Adam got a call from Zati that Pak Osman has been found.

At Maria's place, Zati and Maria claims that they've uncovered who is behind all the disturbances. However, upon going into Pak Osman's room, Adam finds he is still missing and questions Zati and Maria, only to realise that they were apparitions and that he's been tricked into coming by the demonic entity.

At the hospital Maria was constantly chased by evil spirits. She tries to run away into the mortuary to find some comfort only for the spirit to continue following her. Adam founds the talisman which Imam Ali originally was holding before his death, doubting Zati and believing the talisman may be the cause of the recent incidences. He receives a call from Maria saying that she has been holding a dark secret with her and is willing to share, also claiming she cannot stand the torment she's going through any longer.

Adam rushes to Maria, despite his Dad's call for him to come back as he wishes to talk over the misunderstanding between him and Shah, confusing Adam even more. At the place where Maria is, Adam found her only to be attacked by demonic forces. Maria was seemingly thrown off a storey, fatally wounding her. Adam rushes to her side only to have the hard truth revealed to him; Maria has been the cause of the accident leading to his wife's death, and that she was controlled all along by the same demonic force haunting the village, and that is Pak Osman.

Pak Osman revealed himself to have sold himself to the Devil for riches of the world. Angry of the fact that Adam's faith in God has allowed many others to follow suit, including Maria herself, he sought to use Maria as a puppet to kill Adam in the car accident. With help from God, Pak Osman was finally struck by lightning when Adam was mercilessly attacked by Pak Osman.

Adam's dad arrived on the scene to unravel the misunderstandings; revealing that the reason Shah has been displaying uncanny behaviours to him was that he seem to think his Son, Amir has been alive all along, when in reality he also died from the same accident that killed his Wife. Knowing this final truth, Adam ran off in sadness; asking help from God to grant him the strength to live and ease him of the hardships he's been having to go through.

  • Syamsul Yusof as Adam
    Nabila Huda as Maria
    Sabrina Ali as Zeti
    Zarina Zainordin as Zulaikha
    Ruzlan Abdullah as Amir
    A. Galak as Imam Ali
    Dato' Rahim Razali as Rahim, Adam's father
    Fizz Fairuz as Adam's friend
    Pekin Ibrahim as Fazli, Maria's boyfriend

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